Project Capabilities and Who We Serve

With six decades’ experience, AWOC has established itself as a clear leader in the building industry. From large-scale municipal construction projects to commercial and transportation development, our firm has the capabilities to undertake any project design. If you have plans that require construction experts, AWOC is your premier choice for general contracting.

The Industries We Service:


When planning the construction or renovation of an airport, your company needs the best construction firm to ensure compliance, safety, and budgetary concerns all meet industry standards. Being a transportation hub, airports must meet not only the requirements of private enterprises but also the stringent regulatory requirements of the government. With AWOC’s experience in the building sector, we understand the complexities surrounding large-scale construction projects like those involving airports. Our team will take all measures necessary to ensure the utmost professionalism and safety during the build process.


Large-scale municipal projects such as schools require the skills and knowledge to successfully complete a building endeavor within budget and in compliance with local, state, and federal construction standards. Due to the nature of a school and its intended purpose, making sure you have the best contractors for your project is essential to the long-term viability of the structure. When using AWOC, you’ll know your school project is completed with care, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Government Contracting

Any construction project that falls under government contracting must meet the strictest regulatory requirements to succeed. A design firm must also meet specific contracting criteria when choosing subcontractors for the job. As a Hispanic-owned and operated building company, AWOC can fulfill any obligations you must have to be awarded a government contract. Our experience in the industry enables us to provide a unique skill set that can be utilized to meet any standards for your government-contracted building endeavor.


Church construction can be a complex and confusing process, especially for religious institutions not familiar with the industry. Our team will work directly with your organization and help educate them on the procedures necessary to build a church or other congregational structure to be used in religious worship.


Like government buildings, hospital construction must meet multiple levels of safety and building criteria to comply with regulations. Our knowledge in the construction of healthcare facilities enables us to bring high-quality building services to your hospital project. Whether retrofitting an older hospital or helping in the completion of a new facility, AWOC can meet your needs for a professional, safe, and budget-conscious building firm.

Industrial and Commercial Building Projects

No matter the size of your industrial or commercial building projects, our team will be there with the skills your company needs to get the job done right. With six decades of experience providing high-quality building services to our customers, AWOC can fulfill your company’s needs in multiple ways.

From unparalleled professionalism in the field to exacting safety standards to comprehensive analysis of budgetary concerns, choose AWOC as your subcontractor for your next building project. For more information, please contact us today.