Build Better With General Contracting Services From AWOC

AWOC is more than just a top-rated roofing company. We also offer comprehensive services ranging from estimating projected costs for large-scale construction projects to on-site management services running the daily operations of a site. When you require a firm to handle a building project, trust the professionals at AWOC.

Estimating Services

When beginning a project, it’s vital to the success of the operation to have an accurate estimate of the costs involved. With six decades of experience in the building industry, our team has the expertise and tools to help provide a realistic cost analysis from beginning to end. Even if your plans change, our estimating services will give your company a better understanding of the costs associated with undertaking such an endeavor.

Pre-Construction Services

AWOC also provides pre-construction services prior to the start of your building project. These services include an assessment of the materials, manpower, and permits required to successfully complete the construction. With an in-depth understanding of the plans needed, you’ll be able to better formulate your schedule around construction work and related activities.

Construction Services

It goes without saying, our team is available for any and all construction projects you want to pursue. Our contractors bring a multitude of talents to any job and will work to complete your building venture on time and within budget. We also stand behind our construction services and pledge to provide only the highest quality work.

Complete Safety Management

No project can be started without a rigorous commitment to safety for both workers and those who will be utilizing the structure following completion. AWOC is dedicated to complete safety management, ensuring your site is built with the highest degree of safeguards. Multi-faceted safety protocols are followed during all of our work, and we adhere to all building standards locally, regionally, and nationally.

Detailed Project Status Reports

When hiring a firm to perform construction, you need to know you’ll be kept informed of progress and any issues that may arise. With our team handling your building project, you can expect detailed project status reports detailing all aspects of our work. There are no hidden surprises pushing your completion date forward when you work with us. You’ll be provided with activity reports detailing all aspects of the build. You’ll be able to make adjustments on the fly having the latest and most accurate construction data available.

Change-Order Management

Even with the best planning, sometimes changes to an original plan are inevitable. With AWOC working for you, you’ll be made fully aware of any changes that have to take place and have peace of mind knowing they’ll be handled in a streamlined fashion with change-order management.

Subcontractor Management

On both large-scale and small-scale building projects, utilizing the services of multiple contractors can lead to confusion and setbacks. Coordinating different teams and ensuring schedules are adhered to can be challenging without an experienced subcontractor management team working for you. AWOC will work diligently with all the contractors involved in a project to ensure tasks are completed on time and coordinated with the respective subcontractors.

Experienced On-Site Management

If you’re looking for a firm that can handle the complexities of a building project. One that has experienced on-site management ensuring not only timely completion of projects but also maintaining a high level of safety, look no further than the team at AWOC. Since 1963, we’ve handled some of the most challenging construction projects, always providing high-quality services to all of our clients.

Choose AWOC for your next building venture. We’ll help you build better. Contact us today for more information.