High-Quality PVC Low-Slope Roofing Installations

For over 50 years, polyvinyl chloride single-ply membranes (PVC) have provided reliable roof protection and performance for low-slope roofs. Manufactured from the salt in saltwater and natural gas, PVC has been an industry standard for as long as it has been around, making it the oldest and most popular and sustainable thermoplastic material for commercial roofing worldwide. At AWOC, our roofing experts can install high-quality PVC roofing for affordable costs and guaranteed long-term protection.

Read on to learn more about PVC roofing, and call AWOC for a new commercial PVC roof installation today.

Benefits of PVC

PVC is one of the best materials you could use for low-slope roofs to guarantee ample protection for as long as 30 years. Here are some more benefits of having a professional PVC roofing installation:

  • Excellent Welding Features
    The welding window is wide and bleed-outs that inform the roofer of good welds. Seams also become solid and rigid for added leak protection.
  • Fire & Chemical Resistance
    PVC has the highest level of fire resistance among all roofing membranes, and one of the best single-ply membranes for resistance to everything from jet fuel and animal fats to acids and other dangerous chemicals.
  • Ponding Water Resistance
    A common problem with low-slope roofs is ponding water. But, with PVC, ponding water is met with high resistance. PVC is even used as a swimming pool liner.
  • Tolerant to Extreme Temperatures
    PVC is very flexible in temperatures that dip down to about -56 degrees Fahrenheit. Irt also has heat stabilizers, making it tolerant of high temperatures as well.
  • Flexible
    PVC is flexible, and, therefore, very easy to work with, allowing or fewer installation errors.
  • Shelf Life
    This material has no shelf life. It never oxidizes or crosslinks.

Performance-Quality Roofing

When you need a roof installed on your commercial property that is industry-approved and weather- and chemical-resistant with high longevity and guaranteed ROI, call AWOC for polyvinyl chloride single-ply membrane installations. Our professional roofers and welders are installation experts and only use the top-quality materials and equipment to ensure your roof is protected for years and years.

To learn more or schedule an appointment with experienced roofers, feel free to contact the pros at AWOC today!