When it Comes to Superior Roofing and Waterproofing Services, AWOC Does it All

A Woman Owned Contractor is proud to have spent 30 years installing and restoring a variety of different commercial roofing systems and providing top-notch waterproofing protection for businesses throughout our area.

To us, serving our community means going above and beyond the basics, doing everything necessary to keep our local industries flourishing and government facilities functioning at full capacity.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive list of supplemental services, including:

  • Air Vapor Barriers — We install barriers to keep air and water vapor from seeping into a space or leaking out.
  • Paint Removal — We help refresh the aesthetics of a space by getting rid of old, outdated, cracked, or peeling paint.
  • Pressure Washing — A dingy, dirty building exterior is bad for business, driving customers away, and tarnishing your company’s reputation. Our high-powered water jets will take care of that!
  • Sand Blasting — We’ll smooth out chipped, cracked, rough, and dirty parts of any exterior surface and leave it looking like new.
  • Brick and Stone Pointing — Time takes its toll on the joints between brick and stonework, and when your pointing is decayed or eroded, we’ll be there to freshen it up.
  • Epoxy Coatings — For industrial flooring surfaces that are properly sealed against moisture, support the heaviest of loads and look great, trust AWOC.
  • Traffic Coatings — Protect concrete surfaces from water, chemicals, salt, and anything that can negatively impact their performance and lessen their lifespan.
  • Brick Replacement — Missing or broken bricks drag down the appearance of an entire building. We can fix the problem quickly without knocking down walls and making a mess.
  • Lintel Repairs — Keep window openings and entryways structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing by calling us to fix up cracks or holes in the masonry.
  • Concrete Replacement and Repairs — Don’t let unsightly cracks in your concrete fester and cause greater damage down the line. We’ll assess your situation and decide whether simple repairs or a bigger replacement project are in order.
  • Exterior Masonry Painting — When it comes time to give your brick or stone exterior a facelift, it’s best to trust a trained professional to do the job right, with great attention to detail.
  • Expansion Joint Systems — Weather conditions can wreak havoc on a commercial building, forcing the constant expansion, contraction, and vibration of building materials. We know how to properly install joints that go with the flow, cutting down on cracking and other serious damage.

That’s just a sample of what AWOC can do to help rebuild or revamp your commercial, industrial, or municipal building. From interior to exterior, large-scale installation or small accessory details, we’ve got you covered.

To discuss your specific roofing, waterproofing, or other construction or maintenance needs, give us a call today.