Below-Grade Waterproofing Services

The very first built part of a commercial structure, the foundation, is essential to the successful construction of any new building and is doubly important for large shopping centers, warehouses, and business complexes. If anything happens to the foundation due to improper installation or waterproofing, your products, workers, customers, and interior and exterior systems are at risk.

Why Do I Need Below-Grade Waterproofing?
“Below-Grade” means any part of a structure that is installed under the ground’s surface, usually the building’s foundations. Contrary to popular belief, concrete is not waterproof; rather, it is porous and allows moisture to seep in through the foundation if it is not correctly waterproofed. One common issue caused by not employing trusted below-grade waterproofing services is the development of growing fissures and cracks due to infiltrating water freezing in the winter and expanding. Eventually, if foundations continue to crack and crumble, your entire building will become unstable and begin to shift. The damages can be catastrophic and extraordinarily expensive to repair.

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At AWOC, we are a woman-owned company with professional contractors who can install moisture resistant products created to insulate foundation walls and concrete and provide protection for waterproofing and damp-proofing. With over three decades of experience, we can help keep your business safe.

Don’t wait until your building is completed and shifting before concerning yourself with proper foundation protection. Call the construction professionals at AWOC for our expert below-grade waterproofing. The investment you make in your commercial building now will save you time, money, and worry down the road!